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You worry that Lean reduces your job security.

There is a way people think known as an “availability heuristic.” That is a fancy way of saying that we judge what we think is going to happen by the easiest to remember examples. We’ve all heard about efforts to cut costs in other companies (or possibly even our own), and they all seem to include layoffs. It is no wonder that people hear about Lean and they leap to the conclusion that it mean jobs will be at risk.

The truth is that some companies that get into financial troubles do use layoffs. In some cases, they even resort to layoffs prior to starting on a Lean journey. But layoffs are actually contrary to Lean principles. Lean requires engagement, and you don’t get that when people fear for their livelihood.


You worry that Lean reduces your job security.

How this affects you

Worrying that you might be unemployed in the near future is very stressful. You know that in years past, productivity improvements have meant layoffs. Since Lean delivers even bigger gains, you likely have serious questions about job security.

Action to take

Stop resisting Lean. More people probably lose their jobs for fighting Lean than supporting it.

Why This Works (Online Bonus)

A successful company knows it makes no sense to fire people who have worked hard to improve productivity. If a business decides to trim the ranks even once, why would workers…

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Why this works

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