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You have no say in your company.

People like to control their own destiny, but unfortunately, companies are not democracies. There is good news, though. Strong leaders recognize that employees are a great source of ideas. Many organizations have opportunities for frontline employees to participate in groups that help chart the course of the company.


You have no say in your company.

How this affects you

You probably spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. As a consequence, you want some control in how things are going but you don’t think you have a voice.

Action to take

Join a committee. Many companies have some type of employee group that gets team members in front of executives. It may be a Lean-specific group, or it may be for general company issues. Either way, it provides employees with a chance…

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Why this works

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  • Kim says:

    When I hear people saying they have no control over others in the company, I urge them to simply focus on what they can control. Everyone can improve their 25 sqft! Do what you can do and management will (hopefully) notice.

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