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You don’t think a Lean tool will work in your area.

One of the jobs of a leader in a Lean environment is to push teams to embrace a continuous improvement culture. The often entails asking the team to try to implement one of the Lean tools in a work area. On occasion, the tool they the boss recommends is not a perfect fit. Before rejecting the tool, though, check to see if there is a way to use a modified version of it.


You don’t think a Lean tool will work in your area.

How this affects you

You are trying to solve a problem, but you don’t think the Lean tools your boss wants you to use are the right ones for the job.

Action to take

Not all Lean tools or techniques work well in all places or for all processes. Before you discard anything, though, consider if it could be modified for your work area. 

Experiment a little. Be flexible. Take the best of what the tool has to offer and make it work for your situation. A partial benefit from a modified technique is better than no improvement at all. 

This challenge usually presents itself in the office environment. For instance, takt time can be difficult to put in place in an administrative setting. Office workers usually perform several different processes throughout the day, and each process has…

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