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Your manager doesn't see how much a broken machine costs the company.

There is a fine line between wanting new equipment and needing new equipment. One of the best examples is computers. Every 15 minutes or so, a breakthrough in computing power happens, and the equipment you are using becomes obsolete. But upgrading with each new release is too expensive. The flip side, though is also true. Sometimes the waste generated by an old system is far, far greater than the cost of getting a new computer. If you want new equipment, the trick lies in thinking like a manager.


You can’t get your manager to understand how much a broken machine, dilapidated computer, or missing tool is costing the company

How this affects you

Perhaps you have to struggle with a finicky machine or a slow computer, and your day is full of frustration. You know how much time you are wasting, but you can’t seem to make your boss see it.

Action to take

Speak with your manager in terms of profit, making it clear what the company gets in return for investing in tools that support a better process. If you don’t know exact figures, give the details that you do know. You can probably figure out things like how many minutes you waste working with a slow computer…

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