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You find it hard to get your boss to come to the same conclusions as you do.

You are close to a process, and think you know what the evidence and facts & data is telling you. Your boss, though, may come up with a different conclusion about what is going on. How you present your evidence goes a long way toward reconciling your positions.


You find it hard to get your boss to come to the same conclusions as you do.

How this affects you

You look at the “facts of a case,” and come to one conclusion. Your boss examines the same information and comes to an entirely different one. You try to convince him, but he just doesn’t agree with what you are trying to say and you end up frustrated.

Action to take

First, ask specific questions and make precise comments. General queries and assumptions tend to reduce your credibility and are often considered “loaded,” which can put a listener on the defensive. A telltale sign that you are doing this: you use all-encompassing words like “always” and “everyone.” These terms make bosses suspicious and skeptical, and paint you as an exaggerator.

Second, avoid assumptions—given an incomplete set of data, your boss may not form the same conclusions you do. If you open with conjecture, your boss is unlikely to agree with you, no matter how much you try to convince him. “Our customers will never order online, so we should . . .” starts with an assumption that may or may not be true…

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