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Lean Implementation

Lean Implementation Assistance

Starting a Lean journey is never easy. A Lean implementation requires a change in the corporate culture, a sound strategy, the systems in place to support Lean, and, of course, a lot of training on the Lean tools.

Whether you are in a large company that is going to build its own staff eventually, or a small company that is going to need assistance along the way, we have ways to help.

Large Company Lean Implementation

You are likely to hire full-time continuous improvement experts to manage your Lean implementation, but the work will initially be more than they can fit on their plates. There just won’t be enough of them to go around. Whether you use us as a source for Lean training materials, to supplement your staff, or to add expertise to your team, we have many ways to help you with your Lean implementation.

Mid-sized Company Lean Implementation

Lean consulting may be your only choice. You may not have the resources to hire and develop your own Lean staff, so you bring in outside experts to help. We offer training and consulting services to get your Lean Implementation going, Lean services to sustain your gains, and a site loaded with free Lean information to keep your team razor sharp.

Small Business Lean Implementation

You have a big challenge. Your resources are limited, so you may not be able to bring in consultants as often as you’d like, and you certainly can’t bring in a full-time team. We offer remote consulting to help you just when you need it, a wealth of Lean training materials, and a site full of advice to help you implement Lean in your company.

Whatever your situation, we’d like to help you with your Lean implementation. Call us at 1.800.670.5805 or email us at Info@Velaction.com for more information.

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