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Most failed messages are to Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.

These email systems have known issues with confirmation messages from messaging services, resulting in the bulk of the problems with our subscription process. Sometimes messages get caught up in spam filters. Some systems intentionally delay messages from bulk mailing services. The best option is to try again using another email address. Because of this known issue, we do not support problems subscribing with these email addresses.

You did not receive a confirmation message.

Problem 1: Spam filters

The most common cause for this problem is that the message was caught by a spam filter. Confirmation links contain random-looking character strings that can be flagged. If you can’t find the message in your spam filter, you can often solve this problem by adding us to your white list.
The confirmation message will come from 364415@mcssl.com, but will show up in the sender info as “364415@mcssl.com on behalf of Velaction Continuous Improvement LLC

The actual subscription will come from “3644155@bizmailtoday.com on behalf of *Jeff Hajek* [Velaction] <Info@Velaction.com>”.

Note that you may have to resubscribe once we’ve been whitelisted.

Problem 2: Typo

On occasion, subscribers enter an email address incorrectly. Re-subscribing solves this problem.

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