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POLL: What training products would help you the most?

One of our goals is to help you create the best continuous improvement training program possible. We do this through a combination of various factors:

  • Our personal knowledge of how to teach people about continuous improvement
  • An review of our competitor’s product lines
  • An analysis of the terms people enter into search engines
  • Our own sales history
  • The information that is trending in various lean forums and social networks

In short, we look at the voice of the customer. And one component of VOC is to directly ask the customer what they want.

So we would very much appreciate if you would let us know the direction you would like to see us go as we wrap up 2013 and move into the next year.

Today’s poll question is…

Which training product would most help you develop a stronger continuous improvement culture in your organization? (Please pick top two)

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What These Answers Mean

  • Expanding our current modules: We have 34 training modules at the present time. They do not all have the entire range of training components. With this option, you are asking us to create training exercises, MP3s, videos, forms & tools, quizzes, etc. so that all of the training modules are more complete.
  • Adding new training modules: While 34 training modules provide a great start, we have more than 100 additional ideas queued up for development. The core of a training module is the PowerPoint presentation. With this option, you are asking us to increase the number of PowerPoint packages we offer to include value stream mapping, kanban, autonomation, cellular manufacturing, SMED, TPM, using Excel for continuous improvement, etc.
  • Creating self-guided study packs: We have a few independent study packs available. At present, though, these are simply a collection of training components that are most appropriate for individual use. They don’t include a guide on how to put them to use. With this option you are asking us to create individual lesson plans that walk a person through the use of the training components. It would also include a guide to walk the student through putting the information to use.
  • Expanding our audio training programs: We currently have 22 audio programs available. 16 of these are recorded terms and 6 are recorded articles. With this option, you are asking us to accelerate the process of recording our articles and terms.
  • Providing streaming or downloadable videos (instead of or in addition to DVDs): We currently provide our videos in DVD format. We recognize that this is no longer the most compatible format with the needs of our customers. With this option you are asking us to provide our videos as streaming media. The video would be hosted on our site and you would be able to access it with an Internet connection.
  • Providing downloadable videos (instead of or in addition to DVDs): With this option, you are asking that we provide you the video file the store on your computer (individual license) or on your network (corporate license).
  • Adding more trainers support (lesson plans, training programs, leader’s guides, etc.): While our training modules are extensive, we don’t currently provide much guidance on how to put the components to use. With this option you are asking us to create leader’s guides, lesson plans, training programs etc.
  • Providing online training programs: the majority of our training materials are focused on helping you teach yourself or your team. With this option you are asking us to do more of the training for you by providing online training programs for our modules.
  • Other: We recognize that we may not have covered all of the ideas that you have. If you think of something else that you like more than those listed above, please let us know in the comments section. If you are not a registered user, you can email us your response at info@velaction.com.


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