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Take "Can't" Out of Your Vocabulary

As you may recall from previous articles, I am a rather big football fan. So I happened upon this video, and found myself repeatedly rewinding saying, “Did he really just do that?”

The short of it is that we often limit ourselves by our expectations. Obviously, this guy spends a lot of time doing things that others would say can’t be done.

So, let’s take a little test before you watch the clip. Which of the following things does this kid not do?

  1. Throw a football into a garbage can 40 yards away from a staricase two stories up.
  2. Knock a bottle off his friend’s head from 20 yards away.
  3. Knock the pizza sign off a moving car.
  4. Throw several spot-on passes while blindfolded.
  5. Hit a punted ball at the top of its arc.
  6. Throw a football in a basketball net from the second level of the stands at the opposite end of the court.

Hint: If you pick any of them, you’d be wrong…

The moral? Don’t let preconceived notions of what can’t be done limit you, whether in football, in life, or in a kaizen.


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