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Standard Work requires you to share your tricks and secrets

Job security is extremely important to people. One way that people increase their job security is to hold crucial information close to the vest. The thought is that the employee can’t be let go if the information goes with him. The problem, with this belief, though is that in a Lean organization, processes change rapidly. Skills become far more important than specific process knowledge.


Standard Work requires you to share your tricks and secrets

How this affects you

You are reluctant to give up hard-earned knowledge. You worry that you will become less valuable if other people learn how to do your job. You wonder if that will increase the risk of losing your job.

Action to take

In order to preserve their value in the eyes of their company, some people hold back information. If this strikes a chord with you, change your strategy to focusing on new Lean skills rather than on hoarding current process knowledge. That switch can be achieved by…

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Why this works

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