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Stand-Up Meeting

Stand up meetings are the quick team gatherings to make sure that the day is properly planned out. Topics generally include the current day’s goals and issues, previous day’s results, ongoing project status, and anything special on the agenda.

The stand up meeting is part of a daily management program, and acts to include teams in the decision making process. Because of the structured nature of this meeting, it is also a component of leader standard work.

These meetings should be done at the start of a shift and should only last a few minutes. Meetings should include the entire team. Some groups will also have a similar but more detailed leaders’ meeting once the day is under way.

Stand up meetings should be short and should be for exchanging information only, not for working out problems. Fixing issues is important, but since the whole team is present at the stand up meeting, nobody is producing anything. Schedule a specific time to work on the problem with only the necessary people in attendance.

Use an agenda for your stand up meetings, and follow the same format every day. Do the meetings in front of the production boards and metrics boards. If you don’t already have those tools, get them up before you start doing daily stand up meetings. The boards are good focal points for the meeting, and lets you add some context to the discussion, if needed.

Some people question the logic of using this time for a meeting, since it is prime production time. There benefit of making sure the team is on the same sheet of music when the shift starts far outweighs the cost, though. Job satisfaction surveys frequently find that one of the top dissatisfiers to employees is a lack of communication, and dissatisfaction equates to a lack of productivity. A stand up meeting is a simple tool that can correct that lack of communication.

Stand Up Meeting Sample Agenda

  1. Yesterday’s results and problems. 2 min
  2. Today’s goals and unusual requirements. 3 min
  3. Ongoing project status. 2 min
  4. Meetings, current events, and corporate communication. 2 min
  5. Questions. 1+minutes. Log the questions, and answer the urgent ones. Include others in later stand up meetings when you get good answers.


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