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Stand-Up Meeting Part 2

  • Make sure you have an agenda for your stand up meeting. It should be fast, and without a plan, they will run long.
  • Have your ducks in a row before the meeting starts. That means having the numbers prepped and having updates to any ongoing projects.
  • Don’t conduct one-on-one discussions in a stand up meeting. Use it to identify the need for those sorts of conversations.
  • Make sure there is a backdrop for the meeting. It is usually the daily management board or production board.
  • Leaders should make sure they track issues and do something about the problems that are brought up. Teams quickly learn whether there is value to them in these meetings. If they just see lip service, they will stop participating.

If you are not already doing stand-up meetings in your area, roll out a pilot meeting in one of your work areas. It should be one with an upbeat, motivated team. They can help you get a feel for the process and come up with an agenda that works for your company. Once you get the hang of morning meetings, spread the process to the rest of the teams. 

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