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Scientific Method

The scientific method is one of many problem solving techniques. There are 5 basic steps to the scientific method.

  1. Observation:

Gather facts and data about a situation.

  1. Form a hypothesis:

In this step of the scientific method, the user makes a statement about what is happening and why. In effect, it is where a potential root cause of a problem is identified. Hypotheses are stated as fact. “We lose 7% of our customers each year because of poor quality.”

  1. Make predictions:

Estimate what will happen if your hypothesis is true.

  1. Create an experiment:

Control the environment and prove that your hypothesis is accurate.

  1. Confirm the hypothesis:

In the final step of the scientific method, the user checks if the results of the experiment confirm the hypothesis.

You are probably most familiar with the scientific method from high school science class. Most people, though, continue to use some informal form of the scientific method throughout their lives.

Basic troubleshooting follows the scientific method. When you observe a symptom, you suspect a problem and then go out to prove your theory.

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