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Lean Lessons of the Day

We have a lot of content on our site. When you are looking for something specific, it is easy to find, but what about when you just want to develop your continuous improvement skills? It can be overwhelming to have so much to choose from.

We have a solution for you.

Sign up for our Continuous Improvement Lesson of the Day. Each Lean lesson plan gets you small, manageable portions of our content delivered right to your inbox a few times a week. Keep your Lean axe sharpened with just a few minutes a week.

You can unsubscribe to our series of lessons any time you want, and its free, so there’s no risk to you.

Check back here often–we will constantly be adding new Lean lesson plans for specific situations. If one of our upcoming lesson plans looks appealing to you, please let us know at Info@Velaction.com. We will also be adding lessons to existing plans on a regular basis as we develop new content, so you may want to sign up again down the road.

Current Lean Lesson Plans

Continuous Improvement: General Overview Series

This lesson plan offers a broad cross section of continuous improvement. It primarily sends you our Lean Dictionary entries to keep your up to speed, but also throws in an occasional short article. It is intended for both the novice wanting to build a foundation of knowledge, or for a person with more improvement experience who wants to keep continuous improvement in the forefront of his or her mind or to keep skills polished during periods of Lean inactivity.

Japanese Lean Terms Series

Modern Lean traces its roots through Toyota, so you will find many Japanese Lean terms as you continue to learn about making improvements in your organization. This email series broadens your Lean vocabulary,so that these potentially daunting continuous improvement terms won’t seem so foreign.

Lean Leadership Series

This lesson plan focuses on terms and articles that help the Lean leader. The goal of this series is to help leaders apply Lean principles in their daily job of managing people in a Lean company.

Problem Solving Series

At its core, continuous improvement is about reducing problems the limit flow. Breaking down those barriers both reduces waste and increases output, helping both the top and bottom lines. This problem solving series of emails helps develop your problem solving skills. Regardless of the job you have, you, and your company, will both benefit if you are able to more effectively solve problems.

Standard Work Series

Standard Work is one of the building blocks of Lean success, and is also one of the most well-covered topics on Velaction’s website. With loads of information, this email series provides you with the resources you need to take your Standard Work to the next level.

Upcoming Lean Lesson Plans

Lean Tools Series

There are many tools used in developing a Lean organization. This email series introduces you to them at a manageable pace so you don’t get buried by an avalanche of new information.

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