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Boot Camps: Intensive Continuous Improvement Training

Have you ever walked away from a training session, planning to put the material to use, but just never got to it?

Our continuous improvement Boot Camps can keep that from happening.

Why? Because they are more than just training. They are coaching events where we guide you through the steps of putting the concepts to use. You’ll finish our Boot Camps with something tangible. The finished product depends upon the course, but you walk away from the Boot Camp with some real gains for your company. Plus, you’ll gain a better understanding of a valuable skill for yourself.

Our Boot Camps…

  • Focus on a single topic. Our Boot Camps don’t overwhelm you with a lot of concepts all at once.
  • Apply the concept to your world. We do some simulations and exercises, but most of the learning comes from doing a real project for your job. We coach you through applying the concept to your own work. Why not go through training and knock something off your ‘To Do’ list?
  • Help you do the prep work. The training session is only a small piece of the puzzle. We also help you do the preliminary work so you can put the skill to immediate use.
  • Keep the groups small. Small groups let the instructor make sure people are really getting the concepts. Plus, with fewer people, there is more time available to complete each project.
  • Follow up with you. As you try your hand at your new skill, you’ll have questions. We follow up your training with a conference call so we can help you with any problems you may have encountered.

A Boot Camp includes:

  • Preparation and coordination. This may include remote training to get trainees familiar with a topic, and coaching sessions to help them gather information and prepare for the on-site session.
  • The on-site session. This includes both training and coaching. You’ll walk away having the confidence to put your skill to use because you will already have done it once.
  • Follow-up. We help answer any questions that come up in a conference call a short time after the training session.

Boot Camps Directory

Countermeasures Boot Camp

Learn to use countermeasures to get your operation back on track.

Daily Management Boot Camp

Learn to use daily management to keep your operation humming along smoothly, and provide a basis for improvement. This boot camp is available for both office operations and the shop floor.

Metrics, Goal-Setting, and Data Collection Boot Camp

Learn to link frontline operations to corporate strategy through the use of metrics to track performance.

Learn More About Our Boot Camps.

For more information about our Continuous Improvement Boot Camps, please contact us at Info@Velaction.com.

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