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Lean Training System™

About Our Lean Training System

You’ve discovered the one-of-a-kind, modular Lean Training System™ that can supercharge you and your team on your Lean journey. Our system packs in high value training that is easy to understand and use. With its unique structure, you can mix and match a variety of training components from a wide range of modules to get just what you need to get where you want to go.

With great prices, liberal licensing, easy to use products, and great supporting resources from our website, you can’t go wrong. Click on the training component and module images below to see all our system has to offer.


How the Lean Training System is Organized

By Components

You’ve got your own teaching style. Our flexible, component-driven modules let you customize your training materials to match your needs. Click the image below to learn more about all our Lean training components.

Lean Training Components

By Modules

Your company has unique needs, so needs unique training. Our modular approach to training topics lets you put together just the curriculum you need right now, but leave you the option to add more classes as your team develops. Click the image below to see the modules we offer within a range of module groups.

Lean Training Modules


Additional Information

Why Choose Our Lean Training?

  • It works! Our Lean training is visual, engaging, and full of examples people can relate to.
  • It fits your budget. Only get what you need, when you need it.
  • It fits your schedule. Whenever you need Lean training, we’ve got a solution for you. You can even download many of our classes instantly.
  • It matches your level of expertise. Our Continuous Improvement Skills Pyramid lets you know exactly who the training is best suited for. Whether you are an executive rolling Lean out to your team, or a frontline worker being asked to make daily improvements, our training can help.
  • It grows as you do. We are constantly adding to our product line, so you’ll be able to continually improve your team.
  • It is versatile. Our instruction is intentionally designed to be applicable across industry and job function. We use many real world, easily understandable examples to make sure our message is clear.
  • It is backed by our extensive online resource, The Continuous Improvement Companion. You’d be hard pressed to find any Lean training that is supported by as extensive of an online reference guide.
  • It makes your job easier. Whatever your position, we’ve got information that can help you get more done with less effort.

How Our System Works

We’ve created a modular Training System. It lets you choose only the information you want, in exactly the format you want. We offer:

  • A broad range of topics. 5S. Quality and poka yoke. Standard Work. Kaizen. Change management. 5 Whys. Run charts. We’ve got the topics you need. And if we don’t, let us know at Info@Velaction.com. We can normally get new classes prepared quickly.
  • A variety of training methods. From onsite training, to online webinars, to downloadable presentations, we’ve got something to suit your Lean training needs. See a full list of modules in ourLean Training Directory.
  • Liberal licensing on our Lean training materials, so you can use it the way your company needs
  • Flexible file formats so you can make changes to fit your company’s style

Mix and match our classes with yours. Bring us into your office in person, or through your computer. Watch our videos, get our books, or put our online references to use. Use our information on your own, or let us help you develop a Lean training program in house. Whatever your needs, we are there for you.


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