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Kaizen Event Support

Kaizen Event Benefits

A kaizen event is a major investment in time and resources, as well as in the ‘Lean capital’ you’ve developed with your team. A successful kaizen event builds more faith in Lean; an unsuccessful kaizen event can rapidly erode your frontline employees’ support.

We want you to be comfortable that you are making the right choice by having Velaction help you with your kaizen event. Obviously, you want to get results, but there’s more to it than that.

Why Should You Choose Us to Help With Your Kaizen Event?

  • We offer practical, easy to understand kaizen event training that uses real world examples to engage team members. When they believe in the value of the concept, they are more likely to put it to use.
  • We match our leadership and coaching style to your needs. Want results right now? We take a more active role. But want to develop strong Lean leaders who keep making improvement long after we are gone? Have us do more mentoring which pays off as your company’s leaders lead their own kaizen events down the road.
  • We help you build your Lean infrastructure. A kaizen event focuses on a specific process, but you need the right Lean systems in place to get the most return on your improvement resources. We can help you establish a Standard Work process, daily management, a kanban system, and more.

A Kaizen Event is about Developing a Lean Culture

Bringing in outside help should improve your processes, but more importantly, it should increase your team’s desire to make improvements on their own. That desire will pay off in the long run far more than any process improvements in a single work area ever could.

An engaged team is your most important Lean tool.

We focus on people, and have a great understanding of how to make Lean work for them, so they want to make it work for the company.

When you choose Velaction for your kaizen event, you know what you are getting. Our site mirrors our philosophy. You can look at our videos, Lean dictionary, or download our free Continuous Improvement Companion to gauge our skills and style. Or you can read our founder’s book, Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean? to see the philosophy that built our company.

Learn more about how we can help you by facilitating your next kaizen event. Call us at 1.800.670.5805, or email us at Info@Velaction.com to learn more.

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