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Noise to Constant Sheet

The Noise to Constant Sheet is a tool for organizing and prioritizing effort in an improvement project. The first step to creating a consistent, correct output of a process is to reduce variation. This form list the noise in a process-the randomness or uncontrolled aspects-and asks teams to identify ways to make the output more constant. These noise is often identified in the waste walk, or from a cause and effect diagram.

Noise to Constant Sheet

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Once the output is consistent, the process is then adjusted to center on the middle of the specification range.

We offer a free PDF version of the Noise to constant Sheet to our guests, and a free XLSX version of the Noise to Constant Sheet to our registered users. (View the terms of use.) Don’t forget to look at all the other Lean forms we offer on our site.

  • To learn more about how to use this form, visit our Lean Training page.
  • To get assistance in using this form, look at our Lean Consulting page.

A PDF of this form is included in our Phase 3 Information Series.

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