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Maximize Your Lean Success Newsletter: September, 2013

Maximize Your Lean Success

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  • Notes from Jeff: We’re getting back to normal after an unusual summer. No time for a break, though. The end of summer means its time for Policy Deployment.
  • What’s New?: Our site is faster than ever, and our product pipeline is once again full.
  • New Terms: Just a few new terms in our online guide this month, but they are ones with universal appeal.
  • Recent Articles: It’s been a slow month for articles. We’ve got a lot of drafts and ideas to pull out for October, though, so we plan to make up for our hiatus.
  • Polls: Tell us where your improvement activity originates.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Many people ask us what we think the best way to train Lean concepts is. Read this FAQ to see what we think.
  • Specials: We added the PDCA class to our DVD bundle, but reduced the price for this week only. Through 10/4/2013, get 20 DVDs for $169.
  • New Products: We just released our 42 minute PDCA DVD.

Sep. 30, 2013


ISSN: 1946-5386

Jeff Hajek

Owner and Founder

This has been one of the more interesting summers of Velaction's existence. First of all, I took some much needed time off. It has been a long haul building the company over the last several years, and I finally took a breather. It is nice to go into the end of the year well-rested for a change.

Secondly, Velaction had more technical issues to deal with than ever before. Our hosting service had a rather significant outage for a few days, but things are back up and running. We also had a major upgrade to the software we use for our website, so we had a lot of cleaning up of old add-ons to do. We've gotten those behind us, though (knock on wood!), and are starting to move forward again.

Speaking of moving forward, it is about time to be working on your policy deployment for next year. Done right, it can be a rather lengthy process. Hopefully you are already working on your strategic planning and budgeting, as your Level 1 PD should be getting under way any time now.

Policy Deployment Timeline

Give our PD module a look if you are going it on your own, or call us at 800.670.5805 about getting help. We are pretty limited in our on-site availability for the near future, but you can still use our remote consulting service to help you overcome problems you might be facing. Or, use us as a second set of eyes to help you dial in your plan.

Regardless of whether you need help or not, though, we urge you to make sure you allocate the time to get your policy deployment ready for next year.

As always, best wishes on your Lean journey.

Jeff Hajek

Founder of Velaction

  1. We've gotten our site running faster than ever. We've done some software upgrades and gotten rid of some plugins that were slowing things down. Plus, we did some routine maintenance under the hood to really crank up our website's horsepower. Hopefully you've noticed the speedier responses.
  2. Our recording schedule is limited, so we have to build our production around that. It means there are a few new products in the works that you should be seeing shortly. Our PDCA DVD is nearly done, we are getting our Kaizen Process Overview underway, and have many of the best articles of 2009 recorded and ready to turn into an audio package for you.

The following terms have been added to our online reference guide,
The Continuous Improvement Companion, during the course of this month.

From The Gotta Go Lean Blog

  • POLL: What is the source of improvement activity in your company?

    POLL QUESTION: What is the source of improvement activity in your company?

    For most companies, the pull for improvement activity and the source of ideas comes from a variety of sources. As a company becomes more sophisticated, Lean efforts originate from an increasingly diverse range of systems and stakeholders.

    From the list below, please check all the sources that act as meaningful originators of improvement activity in your company. Please do not check a block if the source only contributes on rare occasions or if it provides ideas without resolution.

  1. We've added the PDCA DVD to our complete DVD pack, but decided to hold off on raising the price for the week. Actually, we went even further than that. We dropped the price down to $169 through Friday, 10/4/2013. Get it before we update it to the new price of $199.
  2. Our new 42-minute PDCA DVD is priced at $39.99, but we will be offering it at an introductory price of $29.99 through 10/4/2013.

We sometimes surprise ourselves with the products we don’t have. We have an overall plan about what we want to release, but it is often adjusted based on what our clients ask us to add. We've covered PDCA rather extensively in other modules, but until recently, it wasn't a stand-alone topic. Now that we have it on PowerPoint, though, we decided to bump the companion DVD to the top of the queue.

So, we now have a 42-minute PDCA DVD as the 20th title in our improvement DVD library. Enjoy.


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