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Why Do I Give So Much Away for Free?

Well, it’s not really free. You are giving me something in return. You are establishing a relationship with me. As you try the products I offer, and put them to good use, I earn your trust.

Gaining that credibility with you is invaluable to me. The more you get to know me, the more likely you are to come to me for your more advanced training needs. Or the more likely you are to buy my book.

Plus, every time you come back, I get a chance to show you what else I have created that might make your job easier.

Finally, you help me spread the word. When you find something that helps make your job better, you tell other people. After all, you want them to benefit like you did. And your reccomendation helps them get to know me as well.

So you get something much more valuable than the price would suggest, and I get the benefit of building up an ever-growing list of readers who will become satisfied customers.

In the end, we both win.

And that’s what will keep us working together for years to come.

JeffName Our Vision

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