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Using the Companion

Using The Continuous Improvement Companion

The Continuous Improvement Companion is intended to be both comprehensive and versatile, so it will fit your needs.

Download [Download not found], now!

(Or use this quick link to download individual sections: The Continuous Improvement Section Downloads)

Use It As an Online Reference

You are sure to find lots of great information here.Add it to your favorites, bookmark it, or put a link in your site to the Index. Whenever you come across a term that you don’t know, or want to learn more about, look for the information here. We have information on over 750 terms that we will be posting as quickly as we can. Plus, since it is cross-linked, you’ll be able to follow up on any terms that you don’t fully understand.

Use It as a Part of a Bigger Training Plan

Many of our terms have additional resources–some free, and some available for purchase–to further expand your knowledge.

Create a Desktop Reference

Our enhanced terms have downloadable PDF files that are formatted to fit neatly into a binder. Build your own, customized desktop reference containing just the terms that you need. Or download them all. After all, the terms are FREE.

Hand Out Terms as Training Materials

Print out terms to support your instruction and hand them out to your trainees. Or give them to your team as required reading to develop their Lean skills.

Support Your Own Website

Link to the Companion from your site to make sure that your readers understand the terms you use in your materials.


Regardless of how The Continuous Improvement Companion can support you, here are some links to help you put it to good use:

Download The Continuous Improvement Companion ‘Starter Kit’ of our first half-dozen terms. Coming Soon!

Download [Download not found]

Download [Download not found]

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