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Lean Implementation

A Lean implementation is the initial period of time when a company or organization is putting Lean in place.

While most people look at it as a discrete event, in truth, there is often a long period where different parts of an organization are rolling out Lean. So, different departments within the company may be at different stages in their Lean implementation.

Often, a rollout starts with a pilot area. This lets the leadership team learn what works for their organization, and gives them something to use as a model when the Lean implementation spreads to other work areas.

Companies can develop their own Lean talent (which is very hard), focus on hiring people with Lean skills (which takes time), or bringing in outside experts to help with the Lean implementation.

A Lean deployment can last for years. It is not a quick process to become Lean. It requires training the tools, which is the easy part. The harder parts recognizing the Lean side effects that can impact job satisfaction and developing the systems to support the Lean implementation, and in creating a continuous improvement culture where Lean can thrive.

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