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Kaizen Newspaper Form

The Kaizen Newspaper is a tool for both managing the workload during a kaizen event, and for keeping track of the follow-up activities.

Kaizen Newspaper

Click the link to download a copy of our Kaizen Newspaper.


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During the event, I recommend posting a version of this form up on a flipchart (in marker), or at least tape this form up on the wall. The goal is to use the Kaizen Newspaper as a communication tool and to make the team’s progress more visual. Make sure to assign specific people to each task.

After the Kaizen, post the newspaper up on a network drive so everyone involved can monitor the status of the follow-up efforts.

Some key pointers for using the Kaizen Newspaper:

  1. Try to keep leftover items to a minimum. All tasks should be done during the event week.
  2. Make sure names are assigned to each task. A single individual should be responsible for accomplishing each item, even if he or she is a part of a team.
  3. This Kaizen Newspaper has an icon that automatically fills up as the task is completed.

We offer a free PDF version of the Kaizen Newspaper to our guests, and a free XLSX version of the Kaizen Newspaper to our registered users. (View the terms of use.)

  • To learn more about how to use this form, visit our Lean Training page.
  • To get assistance in using this form, look at our Lean Consulting page.

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