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Kaizen Checklist

The kaizen checklist is a tool used to avoid mistakes when conducting a kaizen event (a.k.a. kaizen blitz, rapid improvement workshop, etc.)

Click the image to download a copy of this 6-page checklist.

A good kaizen checklist covers the planning, the actual event, and the follow-up work. It assigns specific people to tasks and gives deadlines for each action.


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This kaizen checklist consists of six pages. It has checklists for each of the four weeks prior to an event, a checklist for the event week, and a follow-up checklist.

Some of the features of this kaizen checklist include:

  • Auto-fill Dates: Enter the date for the start of the event, and the action dates are automatically updated. You can adjust these dates in the template by changing the number at the end of the equation in the ‘Due’ column. A negative number is days before the due date. A positive number is days after.

=IF(A3=””,”N/A”,IF(AA3=”Skipped”,”N/A”,IF(‘Worksheet Data’!$G$3=””,”Need Start”,’Worksheet Data’!$G$3-28)))

  • Auto-fill Names: The kaizen checklist is initially populated with a generic title. You can change the assignments with a dropdown menu. On the ‘Checklist Data’ page, you can assign a specific name to a title.
  • Status Dropdowns: Click on the status icon and you will receive a dropdown menu to update the kaizen checklist. You can also skip a step.
  • Action Items: Add additional tasks to the kaizen checklist.
    1. Insert a row. I recommend doing this above the bottom row to preserve formation. You will see unmerged cells when you do this.
    2. Highlight the cells above the row.
    3. Grab the handle at the bottom right corner of the highlighted cell
    4. Drag the existing row on top of the newly created row.
    5. Overtype the task in the new row and use the drop-downs to update the cells.

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