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A hanedashi device is an automatic part ejector. It reduces waste when an operator approaches a machine to load the next part. In a machine without a hanedashi device, the operator would have to set down the new part that he would be carrying to the machine, pull out the completed part and set it down, pick up the new part, load it, and then pick up the completed part again.

With hanedashi, the operator will walk up to an empty machine, and would be able to immediately load the new part, pick up the completed part, and move on.

Hanedashi (From Structuring Standard Work)

(Note: This picture comes from the Lean tutorial, Structuring Standard Work. A Leader’s Guide to Developing Standard Work that Works.)

When several hanedashi-equipped machines are placed in sequence, they form a chaku-chaku line, meaning “load-load”. Because of the auto ejection, the operator can operate several machines with little waste.

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