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Fishbone / Ishikawa /Cause and Effect Diagram

Lean Training Video

I’m on a roll this week. Getting a lot of new content out. Today, I posted a Lean video training presentation on the Fishbone/Ishikawa/Cause and Efect Diagram (the link takes you to the term in our Lean Dictionary.)

It’s a six minute video that shows the basics of how to make a fishbone diagram.

For those unfamiliar with this tool, it sorts the causes of a problem (the effect) and arranges them in a manner that looks remarkably similar to a fishbone. It’s a relatively easy tool to get started on, and can dramatically improve problem solving efforts.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think of my work, and how I could make it better.

Cause and Effect Diagram (or Fishbone Diagram, or Ishikawa Diagram)

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