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A Section from "The Continuous Improvement Development Guide"

Volume 4: Building the Foundation >

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Create Structure (Principle)

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An effective business management system built upon a continuous improvement culture demands a great deal of structure. While conventional wisdom says rigidity in processes stifles creativity, the truth is that when the structure is well designed it does the opposite.

The framework makes managing day-to-day operations easier. It also provides a robust support system for handling problems. The end result is that individuals are able to accomplish more with less effort. This kind of structure does not happen by accident though. It takes a substantial investment to build it, and it must be maintained to keep it from crumbling.


CI Transformation Principles are the guiding rules that apply to all companies that are trying to make changes. They are similar to natural laws. Learn more about how principles guide your Lean journey in our entry on ‘Principles and Values.’


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