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Countermeasure Sheet

The Lean Countermeasure Sheet is a form used to track the actions necessary to get a KPI metric or other goal back on track.

Lean Countermeasure Sheet

Click the image to download this Countermeasure Sheet.


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The basic steps to using the Lean Countermeasure Sheet are:

  1. Fill out the header information.
  2. Create a problem statement.
  3. Do your homework and provide the background information.
  4. Do the gap analysis and identify the root causes.
  5. Identify actions to correct the root causes.
  6. Do your countermeasure accounting, and make sure the actions will get you back on track.
  7. Manage the action plan.

We offer a free PDF version of the Countermeasure Sheet to our guests, and a free XLSX version to our registered users.

  • To learn more about how to use this form, visit our Lean Training page.
  • To get assistance in using this form, look at our Lean Consulting page.

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