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BLUF Your Way Through Meetings

No, I’m not saying to fake it when you don’t know something. I’m talking about the acronym BLUF.

Bottom Line Up Front

It’s simple. Lead with what you are trying to accomplish in the meeting so people can stay on track. You are not trying to build suspense, so it doesn’t matter if people know what you intend to tell them ahead of time.

BLUF also fits in nicely with the old formula to giving an effective presentation.

  1. Say what you are going to say. (BLUF-ing)
  2. Say it.
  3. Say what you said.

Having that single focal point for a meeting helps keep people from drifting off topic. The meeting organizer has to know where she is going if she starts with a BLUF, and the attendees immediately learn what the topic is so they don’t inadvertently redirect the conversation.

Bottom line: You might be BLUF-ing during the meeting, but the results will be real.


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