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Your mission each day at work is to survive until quitting time.

Some people struggle in the early days of a Lean journey. This is especially true when there are big changes in the way the workplace operates. One of the biggest transitions is in the structure that comes with Lean. Those people that don’t embrace all the improvement opportunities that a Lean culture has to offer can find themselves feeling monotony in their job.


Your mission each day at work is to survive until quitting time.

How this affects you

Having nothing to look forward to can be depressing and can lead to a sense of dread. This chronic stress affects not only your well-being, but your health too.

Action to take

Set positive, achievable goals for yourself. Just getting through the day is technically a goal, but merely surviving doesn’t really shout optimism. Try to replace “getting by” and “surviving” with goals that are more upbeat and specific— defining a number of projects you want to work on, completing a course or class or getting a qualification certificate, or earning a promotion because of your Lean skills.

Don’t limit yourself to goals that only relate to advancement in the company. If you don’t want to move up, think of other goals that sound appealing. Learn how to operate a new piece of equipment…

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Why this works

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