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Part of Your Job Is Harder Than It Should Be.

In any job, you will encounter difficult aspects of the work. Lean companies are no exception. Fortunately, in a Lean organization, there are established methods for both dealing with the problem tasks, as well as for justifying the need to make the improvement.


A part of your job is harder than it should be.

How this affects you

You start fuming whenever you have to do a particular task and you avoid it until it absolutely has to be done.

In some cases, the task might be physically uncomfortable, like having to press a tight part into place with your thumb; or it might be dangerous, like having to install a heavy part above your head. It could also be something upsetting, like having to tell a demanding customer about yet another delay in the shipment of his product.

Action to take

Ask for a project to fix the problem. If it is small, you might get some time freed up to work on it or even some assistance. If it is a big issue, you might get a kaizen to resolve it.

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Why this works

The Why this Works section is only available in print copies of Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean?.


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