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Your boss doesn’t always follow up on promises.

Part of developing trust between bosses and employees is doing what you say you will do. Employees tend to do this well. There is only one manager to follow up with in most cases, and there is also risk to a career if lack of follow-up is a pervasive problem. Managers, on the other hand, typically have many people they are committing actions to, both up and down the chain of command. They also have obligations to their bosses, which tend to be prioritized, rightly or wrongly, above those they make to their team.


Your boss doesn’t always follow up on promises.

How this affects you

You are expected to do what you say. When your boss agrees to something, it is only fair, then, that she should have to deliver on her word as well. Relationships with bosses and trust in managers are big components of job satisfaction. Broken promises erode this relationship and cause resentment.

Action to take

Keep your boss honest. She may tell you something in passing but then never follow up on it. When she said it, she no doubt meant it; however, on the way back to her desk, she may have had a dozen other problems brought to her attention. As she dealt with pressing matters, your task unintentionally got pushed to the back of her mind. Help her out…

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