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You don’t like getting checked up on.

Continuous improvement is built around the PDCA, or plan-do-check-act cycle. Unfortunately for many people, they are not used to the “check” step. As a result, they often feel micromanaged and untrusted when the boss comes into the area to see how things are progressing.


You don’t like getting checked up on.

How this affects you

You think that your boss shows a lack of trust when he audits your progress. Plus, it can be annoying to have to answer all those questions.

Action to take

Familiarize yourself with the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle (sometimes called the Deming Cycle), and try not to get worked up about the “check” part. 

When you start a project, get it in your mind that someone will be coming around to follow up on changes to the process. In fact, you can even put it on your calendar, so it doesn’t seem like such a surprise when it happens. 

To ensure that the check is as painless as possible, make sure to…

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Why this works

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