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You don’t know what to expect with all this Lean stuff.

Many people first learn about Lean when their boss tells them the company will be changing the way it does business. The information they receive tends to focus on what Lean is, and how it works. But often, they can’t quite make out what it will mean to their job, or their job satisfaction. This can be scary for people. Fortunately, there is a reliable resource that they can turn to:  their coworkers and peers in other companies who have already experienced a Lean transition.


You don’t know what to expect with all this Lean stuff.

How this affects you

When you are in the dark about something, your stress level increases and work becomes less enjoyable. This apprehension often continues to build as the change gets closer and closer.

Action to take

If you really want to find out what a pending change will mean to you, talk to coworkers who have already been through it. If you are about to join your first kaizen, find someone who recently finished one…

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Why this works

The Why this Works section is only available in print copies of Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean?.


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