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You don’t know how to be Lean.

When you choose a new job, you can make sure that your skills match the requirements of the position you are seeking. When a company starts it Lean journey, though, your job requirements change. You may feel grossly unprepared for the transition. Fortunately, though, there are many ways to learn about Lean and close the skills gap.


You don’t know how to be Lean.

How this affects you

Your job has changed, and you have no idea how to perform well with the new requirements. You are out of your element and feel more than a little insecure.

Action to take

Educate yourself on Lean. You can be passive and just absorb information as it comes along. Or, you can seek out opportunities to learn about it and get better at continuous improvement. Request some training on Lean. Ask your boss to recommend some Lean books. Find a mentor on your team who can help you out. Join a project. Ask your manager if you can help out with a problem. Be creative in how you gain Lean experience. 

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Why this works

The Why this Works section is only available in print copies of Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean?.


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