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You constantly think about what is going on at work, even when you’re not there.

Try as we might, we are not always successful at separating work from our home life. Whether it is after hours emails, or simply being unable to clear your mind from job stressors, work can creep into everything you do. When work is challenging, as it might be during a big change, that overlap can cause problems.


You constantly think about what is going on at work, even when you’re not there.

How this affects you

You need some downtime away from everything that is going on, but you carry your worries home with you. This keeps you from being able to recharge and affects your personal relationships.

Action to take

Create a buffer zone that separates work and home. Being in your car doesn’t really count—some commutes can be just as stressful as your workday, giving you no opportunity to transition. This boundary between work and home should be…

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Why this works

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