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You can’t seem to remember what you learn in Lean classes.

Learning about Lean can be a challenge. The concepts are generally unfamiliar, and there is the added pressure of facing a big change. Getting the lessons to stick takes concerted effort. You’ll have to have a game plan for during class, and you’ll have to have a plan for putting the concepts to immediate use after training.


You can’t seem to remember what you learn in Lean classes.

How this affects you

You want to do well, but you can’t seem to retain information from the Lean classes. You know you will need to use the concepts later. You might worry that you will be put on the spot during an improvement event—you don’t want to be embarrassed if you can’t come up with an answer.

Action to take

Pay attention in class, especially before a kaizen or project. This advice sounds basic, but you’d be surprised by how many people do other things (reading, checking phone messages, writing grocery lists, talking to neighbors) during classes.

The more senses you use during learning, the better you tend to retain information. If you listen to the speaker while looking at slides, you use two senses. Taking notes, even if you are given a handout…

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Why this works

The Why this Works section is only available in print copies of Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean?.


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