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Where did the name “Velaction Continuous Improvement” come from?

Where did the name “Velaction Continuous Improvement” come from?

There are two parts to this  answer. The first is the origin of the word “Velaction”. The company originally started out as Cascade Corporate Solutions due to our location in Seattle near the Cascade Mountains. Eventually, as we started to grow, we decided to find a less geographically limiting name. We soon realized, though, that the continuous improvement marketplace is crowded with consultants, trainers, bloggers, and retailers. That meant that many of the descriptive words relating to Lean or improving performance were already taken.

So, we thought about the image we wanted to be associated with, and came up with Velaction, a hybrid of the words “Velocity” and “Action”. One of the biggest barriers to improvement is inertia. We want you to get moving, and get moving quickly.

As far as the “Continuous Improvement” part of the name, we are thinking long haul. Decades from now, Lean will be in the history books. Six Sigma will be all but forgotten. TOC, JIT, and their kin will join quality circles and scientific management on dust-filled bookshelves. But the spirit of continuous improvement will live on as new ideas combine with old and form some yet to be conceived philosophy . In short, continuous improvement is timeless, so we won’t have to change our name as the name of the current packaging changes.


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