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When Bacon and Kaizen Collide...

Let me list three of my favorite things:

  1. Bacon (and other assorted breakfast meats)
  2. Kaizen
  3. Rockets

So imagine my delight when a friend on Facebook posted one of the most brilliant minds of our time combining all three.

Now I will warn you. This man’s intellect is so advanced that he doesn’t waste his precious brainpower filtering his words. The language (and the occasional action) are a little course. No f-bombs that I recall, but there is a bit of blasphemy and some crudeness. Be warned…

So why did I post this? First of all, I was amused. Second, it can teach a few lessons about Lean. As perfect as bacon is, this young man wanted to make it better. That’s the spirit of kaizen. It is not just a troubleshooting tool. It should be used to improve outstanding processes to make them world class as well as broken processes that are failing. The key is opportunity.

This visionary saw the potential in propelling bacon at hundreds of miles an hour. What can you see in the future of your company?

(Just a side note: These guys were serious about this experiment. Making molds, setting up multiple cameras, and putting it into song! I’m impressed by the effort…)


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