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What To Expect From Our Recorded Lean Webinars

As a small company, we are challenged to get new products to market fast enough to meet your needs. To combat that, we use the ‘better, not perfect’ philosophy at times.

Instead of spending the time and resources to create a highly polished product, we record classes presented as a webinar and create an unedited version of the training on DVD.

What you get:

  • Our same great content.
  • A companion to our outstanding PowerPoint classes.
  • An easy-to-use medium that will engage your team.
  • Great insight into how our modules are intended to be presented.
  • A significant discount over fully edited versions.
  • A broader selection of training options.
  • The warts associated with producing a video in a single take—background noises, some ums and ahhs, corrections and clarifications, and the like. It is essentially what you’d see if you signed into a webinar.

What you don’t get:

  • Premium sound. Recording webinars leaves a bit of a tinny sound in the video. Noticeable at first, but becomes secondary to the content very quickly as your brain starts filtering out the noise.
  • Perfect transitions. Some of the PowerPoint animations jump a bit because of latency issues with Internet transmission.
  • A scripted DVD. We don’t read off a script when doing training, so the narration isn’t seamless. But it still hits all the key points and provides great Lean lessons.
  • Delays in getting new content in your hands. We can get our classes posted in a fraction of the time by posting recorded webinars.

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