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Web Surfing Best Practices

Sharing best practices turbo-charges your Lean efforts. It dramatically speeds up your progress when you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every problem.

So, since you are on a continuous improvement site reading this, I am assuming that you’d appreciate a few time-saving tips on surfing the web.

  1. Finding Keywords on a Page: On Internet Explorer, hit ‘Control-F’ to pull up a ‘Find’ menu bar. Type in the keyword you are looking for, and it will highlight wherever that term appears on the page in yellow. No need to go searching through long pages to find what you need.
  2. Entering URLs: For a quick way to enter a URL in Internet Explorer, right-click on the text currently in the URL bar at the top of the browser to highlight it. Then type the name of the page you are looking for without any http or www or .com. Finally, hit Control-Enter (both keys at the same time). It will automatically add ‘http://www.’ to the front and ‘.com’ to the back of whatever you typed. (For example, when you type ‘velaction’, ctrl-enter turns it into http://www.velaction.com.) It only saves a few seconds, but it adds up over time.

Hope this helped. Please let me know if you have any other quick web-surfing techniques that can help people improve their Lean research.


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  • John Hunter says:

    I would suggest using Chrome, Firefox or Opera instead of IE for a browser. They are faster and have many nice features to protect you and speed things up.

    Using google reader http://www.google.com/reader/ to manage your blog feeds is also great.

    Also if you have a blog/web site – put links there you know you will want later. I can often find things by searching my site, faster than searching the web with Google…

    • Jeff Hajek says:

      I loaded Safari up a while ago to check how my site looks, but haven’t installed the others. I was curious, though, and looked up my site’s stats.

      My visitor’s browser use:
      Explorer 69%
      Firefox 23%
      Chrome 4%
      Safari 3%
      Opera <1%

      Thanks for the suggestions.

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