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Voice of the Customer / VOC (Part 2)

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Pick a simple process where you have run into some conflict between internal customers and suppliers. Go through the basic process listed above to develop an agreement on new metrics to monitor the performance of your process.

Find a mentor to help guide you through the process. An expert on VOC is preferred, but most companies have a shortage of significant VOC experience. In that case, a strong problem solver can still ask hard questions and challenge your thinking to get better results. The key is to have in impartial third party to help guide you to act in a way that is best for the company, not just for your organization. 

  • The SIPOC Analysis Sheet can help organize your review of what your process provides to your customer.
  • The KPI Bowler is useful for tracking VOC related metrics.
  • You will make ample use of Countermeasure Sheets as you attempt to close the gap from where you are and what your customer wants.
  • The Decision Matrix Template is an effective tool for negotiating where to set targets.

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