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Our Lean Vision

Let me tell you a story that led to my Lean vision…

Way back when I was a manager, my teams and I sprinted all day long trying to hit our targets and meet our customers’ needs. My employees worked incredibly hard, but I knew that if their Lean skills were better developed, all of our jobs would be a lot easier. 

Continuous improvement training was easier said than done, though, because we were always busy ‘fighting fires’ and dealing with the tidal wave of tasks that needed to be completed each day.

I searched for online Lean training tools for my team to use, but couldn’t find what I was looking for: the materials were too expensive, took too much time, or were filled with an abundance of theory and strategy meant for senior leaders. I came to the conclusion that…

There is very little information out there on how to apply Lean in the trenches.

In the real world, personality traits, emotions, career goals, family, and a whole lot more, affect:

  • how people do their jobs
  • how people think about Lean
  • how people feel about their jobs at the end of the day, and how that attitude about work carries over into the rest of their lives
  • how Lean impacts relationships between employees and managers

Velaction’s Lean Vision

Velaction has a vision of an easier way to do Lean. Our Lean Dictionary acts as the backbone of our business. The entries let you get a quick understanding of the concept, but then connects you to the various resources you need to put that concept into practice.

That’s our Lean vision. We want to be the place you come whenever you have a question about Lean. Whether the answer you seek is available as part of the vast quantity of free Lean information we offer, part of our products and services, or available in our Lean store, we can help you find the answers you need to achieve your own Lean vision.

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