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Training Lean

At some point, every Lean company needs to take on the task of training Lean concepts to its own people. But it is not easy. It requires someone who is an expert in Lean principles and tools as well as someone who is a good teacher.

Plus you need to have engaging training material and the right Lean exercises to reinforce the points you make.

Prerequisites for Training Lean to Your Team

  1. A solid Lean background. Trying to train a team on Lean without at least several years of experience to fall back on is a recipe for trouble. You can read the slides and go through the scripts, but you may not be able to answer questions in a way that satisfies your audience. And if they aren’t satisfied with your answers, they will not commit to Lean. Use us to help you get that experience you need to be a more effective trainer.
  2. Engaging training materials. They don’t have to be fancy or full of intricate graphics, but they do need to keep people interested and they need to keep instructors from just repeating what is up on the screen. And they need the right blend of theory and practical information. Look at the wide variety of our presentations to see how we can help when you are training Lean concepts.
  3. Hands-on exercises. Adults need to be active when they are learning, and they need to try concepts out to be convinced they work. Lean training should be a hands-on experience for the people on your team. Look at our exercises to see how they can help.
  4. A receptive Lean culture. Lean doesn’t work well in the face of heavy employee resistance, and a poor Lean implementation can entrench employees in a fight or flight battle against change. We can help you develop a Lean culture where training Lean becomes easier and more effective. Look around our site to learn more about our Lean philosophy. Because we offer so much free information, you can get to know us before you ask for our help.
  5. Training matched to skill level. We organize our Lean training by skill level, using the Continuous Improvement Skills Pyramid. Make sure that the training you present doesn’t bore or lose your audience.
  6. Training that is matched to you needs. Though Lean concepts work in administrative settings, Lean manufacturing training doesn’t translate well outside of the shop floor. Office teams often have trouble connecting shop floor examples to their own situation. We offer office and shop floor versions of many modules to make sure your audience doesn’t check out.

Before you start training Lean to your team, give us a call at 1.800.670.5805 to see how we can help. Or email us at Info@Velaction.com for more information.

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