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Why Choose Velaction For Your Lean Development?

Components of Lean Development

The Lean development of any company has five components.

  • Employee Skills
  • Employee Engagement
  • Lean Leader Skills
  • Company Infrastructure
  • Lean Strategy

There are a lot of places to go to get help, so why choose Velaction to help your company on its Lean Journey?               

Our Perspective Matches Yours

It is important to have someone understand the unique needs of people in the Lean trenches and how those needs relate to the goals of the company. Jeff’s background allows him to see a situation from many angles, and as a result, he creates products that work for everyone involved.

People Matter

Respect for people is a philosophy that is central to Lean and to us at Velaction. We believe that employee satisfaction is the path to greater profit. Learn more about how Lean affects job satisfaction in Jeff’s book Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean? Building the bridge from job satisfaction to corporate profit

We Know How You and Your Team Learn Best

Everyone’s personal lean development comes at a different pace and in different ways. We give you lots of choices to suit your individual needs.   

We Believe the “What’s In It for Me?” Question Must Be Answered

Win-lose models are rarely sustainable.  Velaction’s training and consulting promotes developing Lean in companies in a way that everybody wins. 

We Connect the Dots

We believe that when you see how everything fits together, continuous improvement is much easier to understand and apply.

We Recognize That Developing a Lean Company is Hard. 

Lean development takes time, and it takes a variety of different tools at different times on the Lean journey. Velaction can answer your small questions with a simple query in our Lean dictionary, or a big one with an onsite Lean consulting engagement. Plus we have a variety of products and services to fill all the needs in between.

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