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Lean Culture

Creating a Lean Culture

Having a solid strategy and a team of people who are well trained in Lean tools goes a long way toward bringing a company Lean success. But that is not all that is needed.

Without developing a Lean culture, a company will not get all the traction it needs to reach the full potential of Lean. The simple fact is that Lean relies far more heavily on the commitment of its frontline team than most leaders realize. So, what is a Lean culture?

Employees in a Lean Culture…

  • Operate without fear. No fear of being punished for making a mistake when trying to improve, and no fear of losing one’s job when productivity skyrockets.
  • Have time for Lean efforts. It is one thing to say Lean is important. It is quite another for a management team to pull people off production to work on projects.
  • Turn to the Lean tools without prompting. Employees in a Lean culture realize that their lives will get better and easier if they make improvements. So they do.
  • Feel ownership of a process. They are empowered to make changes, and feel pride when they make an improvement.

We Can Help You Develop a Lean Culture

It is not enough to train people to use Lean tools. They must also be sold on Lean. We focus on creating win-win Lean solutions that work for both companies and employees.

We encourage you to look around our site to get a feel for our Lean philosophy, and read our founder, Jeff Hajek’s book, Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean?

If our style suits your needs, give us a call at 1.800.670.5805 or email us at Info@Velaction.com for information about our Lean training and Lean consulting services.

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