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Lean Company Information

Velaction is a Lean company dedicated to bringing you the tools to help you find success in your own Lean company.

Velaction was started in 2006 (as Cascade Corporate Solutions), as a part-time effort by Jeff Hajek to develop Lean training while writing his first book. That book was intended to be a print version of The Continuous Improvement Companion, but when it hit about 500 pages, it became clear that a book was the wrong format.

The decision to use that content as the backbone of a Lean company changed the nature of what Velaction was. It launched its web presence, and gave rise to the desire to turn it into a full services Lean company. That was about the time when the name Velaction came into being. An intensive search revealed that there were hundreds of companies with similar sounding Lean names. We are a unique Lean company, and needed a unique name. Velaction is the synthesis of Velocity and Action.

We are constantly adding to our product and service line, growing our Lean Dictionary, and adding Lean tools to help you out. Take a look around our site, and see why we are the only Lean company you need to help you on your Lean journey.

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