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Upcoming Webinars: Lean and Driving, and Daily Management

Those of you who receive my newsletter might already know this, but we have started offering webinars to help you learn about Lean and to showcase parts of our Lean Training System.

The ones we have scheduled for January are all free.

Just a few highlights…

  • Tim McMahon of ALeanJourney.com and I have been doing a monthly session in a unique format. We are treating the webinar like a radio show, and love getting audience involvement. Our next one is tomorrow, January 11 at 9:00 AM PST. (Register Here) This session covers how the simple act of driving your car uses many Lean principles. It is the last in our series of ‘real-world’ Lean discussions before we move on to talking about how to get started in a Lean initiative.
  • For those of you doing or managing production work, whether on the shop floor or in the office, a big challenge is keeping the operation on track. Daily management is a highly effective tool for keeping a day running smoothly, and for making early decisions about what action to take when things start drifting off plan. This webinar is scheduled for January 12 at 9:30 AM PST. (Register Here)

And don’t forget to check our full listing to see the webinars that are a little further off in the future.


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