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Components from our Lean Training System™

The building blocks of our Lean Training System™ modules are our training components. Mix and match these materials to creat exactly the training experience you need for your team. These components fall into three basic categories. Some are free and are available on our website to guests. Some are “freemium”, and require that you register to access the free materials. Finally, our premium materials are our best, and are sold through our secure shopping cart or on Amazon.com.

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The Components of Our Lean Training System™

PowerPoint Presentations

Our highly visual PowerPoint presentations are the central component to our training modules. While this component can stand alone, our slideshows offer a key advantage over other Lean training packages on the market. You can bolt on a variety of other modules to the training to create the perfect learning experience for your team. And finally, because we are so confident in our packages, we let you see thumbnails of every single slide so you don’t just review a cherry-picked sample.


Student Guides

While printing out handout versions of our slideshows is an option, we offer you an even better one. Our student guides help students retain key information from the presentations by giving them a structured way to follow along with their note-taking. Blanks on the student guide are synced with icons on the slides to give trainees a heads up that they need to jot something down. Active participation in the training improves retention.

Training DVDs

Our Lean Training DVDs are great on their own. They provide a wealth of knowledge at an unbeatable price. But their value goes beyond that. They are created from our PowerPoint classes, which unlocks a variety of options for you. Use these videos as a leader’s guide to see how we teach the classes, as part of a brown bag program, for makeup training, or even to indoctrinate new hires. Plus, the forms used in the DVDs are available for free to registered users of our site.


Video Licenses

Want your whole team to have access to the same great training videos? Our corporate licenses let you post a copy of the videos from our DVD library on your server for your whole team to view. This is a great option if you have a big team that is spread out at numerous locations. The license does not expire and the video is hosted on your own system, so you won’t have to keep paying a subscription fee. We also offer small format videos licensed for individual vieweing.


Online Videos

We post a variety of videos on our YouTube channel and link to them on our site. These include excerpts from our DVDs, recorded webinars, and a variety of other short videos. These videos make our info-rich site an even better learning destination.


Training Exercises

At Velaction, we believe in the crawl-walk-run model of training. Our training exercise let people put the lessons they learned to immediate use in a safe, “crawl” environment, before trying the concepts out for real. These exercises create the “Aha!” moments that really make lessons stick.


Lean Lego Kits

No Lean training library is complete without a few Lego training kits. These special exercises make learning fun, which improves engagement, and consequently, drives lessons home.



Our simulations go beyond simple training exercises and tie many concepts together. They take quite a bit longer, but are well worth the effort.


Quizzes and Tests

It can be a challenge for instructors to see how much of a lesson stuck. Our quizzes and tests provide trainers with a quick, easy way to check their work and see what their students retained. In addition to the questions, our quizzes include a discussion guide for instructors.


Tutorials and Special Reports

Our tutorials dive deep into a topic with the intent of providing you with the confidence to try implementing the concept on your own.


Forms & Tools

Continuous improvement is easier when you have the right tools for the job. We’ve got a wide range of documents and other materials to help you cruise along on your Lean journey. Our Forms & Tools are available for free download by our registered users.


Lean Dictionary

We host one of the most extensive, detailed online continuous improvement guides you will find anywhere. It includes more than just basic Lean terms. It draws from other continuous improvement philosophies as well as general areas such as leadership, business, and even psychology. Our guide provides more than just a basic definition, though. It explains what it means to your continuous improvement efforts. We currently have about 500 terms in our guide.


Lean Terms on PDF

Many of the terms in our Lean Dictionary are available to registered users as downloadable PDF files. Use them to build customized reference guides, as handouts for classes, or even to give out in the lunchroom. They are flexible so you can be creative in how you use them. We currently have 44 terms on 363 pages.


Lean Audio Training

People are busy and trainers are not always available. Our audio training lets learn when it is convenient for you. Listen to our training in the car, while standing in line, or while at the gym.


Audio Training Corporate Licenses

With a corporate license, you can post a copy of our Lean audio training on your own server for your entire team to use.


Continuous Improvement Articles

With our Gotta Go Lean Blog and Maximize Your Lean Success Newsletter, we are continuously rolling out new articles. Some of these fit perfectly with our modules. We’ve turned these into PDF files that you can distribute to your team.



When you can’t get a trainer on-site, you’ve got alternatives. Schedule a private webinar for your team, or attend one that we’ve got schedule.


Boot Camps

Our boot camps are an intensive combination of training and hands-on coaching. The goal is to put a challenging concept to immediate use.


Class Outlines

Our class outlines are a bit unique. While not a true component, they are useful for understanding what is contained in a training module.


Instructor Packs

Instructor packs combine a variety of components into one discounted bundle that can help you teach your team.


Independent Study Packs

Interested in teaching yourself without a lot of expense? Look no further than our independent study packs. They combine a variety of useful components into one bundle that you can use to teach yourself a Lean concept.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our FAQs are great companions to our Lean Training System modules. Add them to your course materials to provide a more comprehensive training experience.


Lessons of the Day

One of our more unique components, our “Lessons of the Day” are closed-end series of emails related to a specific topic. Every few days for the duration of the series, you will receive an email with some great content intended to help you gain a deeper understanding of a focused continuous improvement concept.


Lean Strategies

Our Lean strategies give you suggestions on how to deal with common continuous improvement problems. Many of these come from the book “Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean?“.


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