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The Continuous Improvement Management System

Partnering with you to build a Continuous Improvement Management System to achieve today’s vision … and tomorrow’s.

Continuous improvement requires structure to be successful.

The Continuous Improvement Management System (CIMS)

What We Do

We are more than just a training and consulting company. We are the guides on your continous improvement journey. We have the skills, tools, and expertise to help you create the systems you need to provide lasting value for your customers, all at an ever-accelerating pace.

How we help you improve

We offer consulting, training, improvement products, and support services to help you create an improvement-oriented company that can outperform the competition.

People (& Leader) Development

People are the most important asset of any company. While they are at the top of the pyramid, they require the right structure to support their success. We help you develop the team that can power your company to achieve it’s strategy.

Process Improvement

Any continuous improvement effort relies on strong processes. Without consistency, your company’s quality, delivery, and cost all suffer. We show you how to improve your processes to deliver outstanding results to your customers at a low cost to you.

KPIs & Daily Management Implementation

Continuous improvement requires an understanding of exactly how your company is doing. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential to a company’s success. We teach you to develop the right measures and implement a daily management system to keep you on track with your goals.

Setting Department Goals

You’ve got to focus on results to win in today’s competitive market. We show you how to link your department’s goals to the company’s strategy, so everyone’s efforts are aligned. Plus, we coach your team in the operations review process to highlight the need for countermeasures.

Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture

Continuous improvement creates a framework in which a company can thrive’and meet aggressive quality, delivery, and cost goals.

Corporate Strategy

At the heart of every company is its corporate strategy. But how often do leaders limit what they want to do because of what they think they can do? We help you create an improvement-oriented company that opens up more opportunities to beat the competition.

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